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see. >> continuing sex, power and politics with victoria wilson and marriage counselor laura mcdonald. and eva cadel and craig is here, too is it all about risk taking? i have known him for three years . and i was impressed. he balanced the risk with the reward carefully. it is it you way more reckless than anything i had seen him do. i did a survey on cheating for a book i wrote and i discovered most men cheat because they think they can get away with it and that risk gives them such a thrill and adrenalin rush they don't think about the consequences. some are the biggest chatter by the way. they justify cheating because they were wanting the kind of sex they were not getting at home. why are we so fascinated with the sexual aspects of the story. it is it a profound national security importance and we are talking about the way he did jill an paula. >> the whole thing. if there may be powerful men but they are fallible human beings like the rest of us and we can relate to that and it fascinates us. >> they are more human and revealed just like us? >> exactly. they are no longer powerf
of the new jersey center for positive psychology. she's sitting along side laura mcdonald, the new york based marriage counselor and the founder and president of lovology university. so doctor, why do men risk everything for a little bit on the side? >> powerful men risk everything for a little on the side because they have larger than normal egos. sense of a entitlement, and they know that their jobs are an aphrodisiac for many volunteers. it's hard for them to resist temptation. >> hard for the men t to resist the temptation? >> it's harder for the men to resist the temptation because you know, we are not monogamous by nature, and men, you know, go back as far as the cave man era where they plant their seed in as many places as possible. they're still having the urges of the of the sperm competition. >> do you buy that. >> absolutely. i think it's a combination of several variables. it's high tes testosterone, availability of these men and women, it's narcissistic entitle and stress, a lot of stress, and it's a form of stress management. >> what about, youem know, i've heard some cruel humo
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)